A Disney World Christmas Album : Once Upon a Christmastime parade

There is nothing quite like a Disney parade.  Even if you are likely to want to skip the parade & the crowds in lieu of getting into quicker moving ride lines try to resist that urge during a Christmas trip to Disney World. Disney’s holiday parades are legendary. An extra ticket is usually required to attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party which is held in the evening – so book EARLY.  Snow falls from the sky and cookies and hot chocolate are passed out to attendees while prime viewing areas are held for best viewing.

[quote]Disney pulls out all the stops with many extra performers fully decked out in wonderful holiday costumes. [/quote]

Disney Srcapbook Page Layout - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade

Everything is amped up to provide a really spectacular parade experience. Instead of all automated floats most are staffed with characters waving to the crowds & Cinderella’s coach is pulled by real matching ponies. Santa appears on his sleigh. Snow White & Prince Charming dance in a gazebo while beautiful holiday music wafts through the air.  Magical!

Disney Srcapbook Page Layout - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade

Layouts this week match the ones I shared last week that showed what we saw on Main Street – both during the day when we arrived and then later that night as we waited for the parade to begin. I continued to use the same papers as before so that the layouts would blend – although I added some additional elements from other kits as well since the feel and the colors were about to change and become more electric.

I also discovered a page I had made that belonged in this group but unfortunately it was made over a year ago before I decided to scrap a separate Christmas album.  I was never in love with it and decided to re-do it to match these newer layouts.

[quote]I am not a big fan of re-doing older layouts.  I know many scrappers who do but for me it would take too much time and I would rather move on in my memory keeping.[/quote]

Styles change quickly even in scrapbooking.  Sure I have lots of pages I might do differently now but the important thing is the photos are preserved and nobody but me would ever think – “wow, look at that dated paper!”  😉  In this case I made an exception since I knew it would make for a more cohesive look in my new album AND I could do it quickly.

Here is the before:

Disney Srcapbook Page Layout - Classic Family in front of Cinderella's Castle Photo


Here is the after:

Disney Srcapbook Page Layout - Classic Family in front of Cinderella's Castle Photo



1. Keep it simple:  Try to keep the same basic design and just swap out the papers & embellishments as needed. I was able to easily convert this page to match my new Christmas layouts with little fuss.

2. Try new photo edits: Sometimes clean fresh edits & cropping can make a huge difference in a layout without having to change the entire page.

3. Use templates with large photos: Templates that have blended background spots for photos or larger amounts of photos are really effective for event scrapping.  They help convey motion and a sense of large impact that often mimics the sensory feelings experienced while actually there. These types of templates are also good for photo series.

Tips for enjoying & scrapping Disney parades:

1.  Relax: you’re not going anywhere for a while. 😉

2.  Watch the Parade: Take some photos periodically during the parade but limit it so you can actually watch the parade with your two eyes and not through the camera lens.  Highly unlikely that the 100+ photos shot of the parade will actually be scrapped or even be good enough to scrap. 😉

Most of mine were noisy, blurry and horrible.  I was way too excited to concentrate and I was using my point and shoot. I ended up with 20 or so decent photos and pretty much feel that this one layout tells the story pretty well.  This layout only has 9 photos in it.  Something to think about…. So remember to be in the moment.

3. Take photos of your family watching the parade.  Those photos will be much more precious years down the road than 20 photos of Mickey Mouse.  I wish I had taken more of those.

Happy holiday scrapping!

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