You have come home from a fabulous Disney trip and you have hundreds if not thousands of photos to go through.  Not to mention the other photos you have taken on past trip, birthdays, chool outings, etc.   Where do you even begin?

Here are 3 tips that will get your photos organized on any computer.Tips for Organizing Photos Logo1. Delete Duplicate and Bad Photos

In the age of digital photos people take as many photos as possible to get that perfect shot.  Unfortunately they store all the not so good shots too.   The first step is to go through and just keep the great shots or the ones that are packed full of memories.  It’s ok, you can delete those other photos.

Delete Bad and Duplicate Photos

2. Make Folders and Sub Folders

No matter if you are just storing your photos or using photo-management software if you just download the photos you will create a mess and you will not be able to locate a specific photo if you need it.   So make a file structure where the folders are sequential.   One that works the best is:   YEAR / MONTH / EVENT (I.e. 2013/05-May/Disney Trip)

Create a File Structure for Your Photos

3. Use Keywords to Search

All photo-management software has a keyword tool.  Use it!  Label who, what, and where in a photo so you can easily search for a photo later on.  Don’t worry if you aren’t using photo-management software. Right-click on a photo in your file manager and open the properties.   You can then add some comments to a photo.  These comments are searchable in your computers file manager.

Add Keywords to Your Photos

Bonus Tip:  Rename picture files with file structure.  

This is just a good practice.  Once you have finished organizing your photos rename your photos in sequential order.

From the example above it would be 2013_05_DisneyTrip_01, 2013_05_DisneyTrip_02, 2013_05_DisneyTrip_03, etc.

Photo-management software has the capability to do this in batches along with Windows Explorer.   For mac you can download a free program,  Namechanger, that does this quickly and easily.

Do you have any tips for organizing photos?
Leave a comment below and tell us.

I hope this helps you get started organizing your photos.  Once you can find your photos you can begin to preserve them.  If you like these tips please share them!


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